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Ask Dr Myers VLOG: Each week NCI-Veteran and PC survivor, Dr Charles “Snuffy” Myers answers your prostate cancer questions for FREE.

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Prostate Forum is a monthly prostate cancer resource for patients & health professionals.

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Prostate Forum is written by former UVA Cancer Center Director, Dr Charles Snuffy Myers. For more about Dr Myers click here.

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Prostate Cancer & Diet

FREE SampleThe Prostate Forumıs newest book on diet & prostate cancer is the foundation of Dr. Myers's Pca growth arrest program.

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Prostate Cancer Treatment

                                  Founded in 2001                                 by  Dr Charles                              “Snuffy” Myers, American Institute for Diseases of the Prostate (AIDP) offers comprehensive care to patients worldwide.
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Customized treatment
Unbiased oncology advice from a PC survivor
Personalized care
Expert PC management from active surveillance to advanced disease

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