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Radiation Therapy For High Risk Prostate Cancer
May 22, 2008

This issue of Prostate Forum represents a shift in Dr. Myers’s thinking about prostate cancer and was triggered by a series of key papers in the urology and radiation therapy literature. We’re sure that this issue will generate considerable controversy. Dr. Myers thinks that it is now clear that most men diagnosed with high-risk prostate cancer do not have widespread micrometastases, but rather are at an increased risk for undetected cancer still contained within the pelvis.

There are several key questions that need to be answered before we can treat prostate cancer successfully. Where is the prostate cancer? How much of it is at each site? What kind of prostate cancer is it? Can we eliminate the cancer at each site or are we just going to have to settle for controlling it? While simple to ask, each of these questions represents an area of active research and progress in prostate cancer management. At times, Dr. Myers comes upon papers that shed important new light on one or more of these questions; he now thinks a study published in Cancer during the summer of 2007 by Dr. Michael Dattoli is one of those studies. In this issue of Prostate Forum, Dr. Myers uses Dattoli’s paper as the jumping off point for a reexamination of how prostate cancer spreads and what that process implies for treatment. As a natural progression from Dattoli's paper, this particular issue will also explore the use of radiation therapy for high-risk diseases; in subsequent issues, Dr. Myers will discuss the parallel evolving literature on surgical-based approaches to high-risk disease.

Read the entire article in Volume 10 Issue 6 of Prostate Forum. Click here to download this issue now.
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