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The New Prostate Cancer Nutrition Book

Charles “Snuffy” Myers
Rose Sgarlat Myers
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Sara L. Sgarlat

Extensive Research. Cutting Edge Assessment. Personalized Care. These are the tenets that make Dr. Charles Snuffy Myers’s prostate cancer practice popular with patients across the globe. They are also the impetus for the new and improved edition of Eating Your Way To Better Health, now renamed The New Prostate Cancer Nutrition Book. Because cancer treatment—and disease prevention—is so dramatically impacted by nutrition and lifestyle, Snuffy Myers’s new healthy living plan brings over a decade of new insights to the table for both PCa survivors and health enthusiasts alike.

Using indisputable research on the health--benefits of the Mediterranean Diet, this new edition tackles the most pertinent issues in the field today with Evidence-based analysis. With new recipes gleaned from his in-law’s Sicilian family and crafted by his daughter’s years of high-end culinary expertise, this book is an essential component to your healthy kitchen. In fact, it’s the ONLY diet on the market that aligns both health and palate to ensure that the sumptuous moment on your lips will actually extend your lifetime.

The New Prostate Cancer Nutrition Book
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